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Conventional urinals and hybrid urinals require to 4 litres of water per flush, waterless urinals (also known as dry urinals) function entirely without. Waterfree or waterless urinal options and parts. These include waterless urinal sealant and refills, waterless urinal cartridge and bell trap. Ez-trap is the only replacement cartridge that eliminates the bad odors associated with waterless urinals and also allows complete and thorough cleaning of.

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Whether you are upgrading your current urinals or designing and building new bathrooms, our Water-Warrior Waterless Urinal System is the industry leader. Waterless Urinal Sealing Liquid. Product Description. Blocks & prevents sewer & urine odors from entering bathroom from all brands of non-water urinals. Waterless Cartridges. Simply put, Falcon Waterfree urinals are the most practical and efficient urinal available for new construction and restroom upgrades.

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The Patented Cartridge For Sloan Waterless Urinals Uses A Biodegradable Sealant To Control Odors. Cartridge Should Be Replaced After Uses. Home > Plumbing & Pumps > Toilets & Urinals > Urinals The all-new, wall-hung Sloan HYB Hybrid WaterFree Urinal with wall outlet comes with. We offer the complete line of Sloan Waterfree urinal supplies. Our selection of genuine Sloan Waterless urinal parts includes cartridges, cleaners, tools.