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When you donate your vehicle to Eggleston, the vehicle is auctioned locally, local people benefit, and every dollar realized from the eventual sale continues. Charitable Adult Rides & Services (CARS) is a (c)(3) nonprofit that administers and also benefits from this donation. If the charity sells your car for more than $ You can claim the full sale price for your tax deduction. Write the deduction amount on your IRS form. If.

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Generally, if you claim your donated vehicle has a value of more than $, you can deduct the smaller of the gross proceeds from the sale of the car by the. A: They handle the title transfer, towing and reporting of all vehicle donations, and are The American Cancer Society's authorized national agent processing all. Your Car Donation Helps the Needy in Our Backyard All donations are % tax deductible. We will pick up.

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Car donation is fast, easy and free: When you donate a car we work to improve it by % so you get the best tax deduction. Donate Your Vehicle While Supporting Your Favorite Charity! Call CARS () or Donate Online! Charity Name Welcome to Vehicles for. Many Make-A-Wish® chapters partner with either the Car Donation Foundation (doing business as Wheels For Wishes) and Charitable Auto Resources (CARS) to.