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Spousal maintenance is maintenance that is paid by a husband or a wife to their former spouse following a divorce. It is different to child maintenance. The courts retains authority to change a court-ordered maintenance award after the entry of a divorce decree. However, there are some restrictions on the. Is alimony only paid by the husband? Can a wife be ordered to pay alimony? The answer is yes. Call our Joliet divorce attorney to learn more at.

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Maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony or spousal support, is financial support that one spouse pays to the other in the event of a divorce. If divorce is out of the question, but you plan to live apart from your spouse, separate maintenance may be a good option, as a form of spousal support. Worksheets to calculate guideline amounts of maintenance and child support. Optional tools to help with calculations are below. Uncontested Divorce Worksheets .

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to serving our clients with a range of legal services including Divorce and Family Law cases. Spousal Maintenance Termination - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer. Divorce Dictionary · A wife can pay her husband alimony and vice versa. · In many instances, these payments are time-limited, but in longer-term marriages, they. Maintenance. Maintenance laws seek to prevent a spouse from suffering from a significant decrease in his or her standard of living after a divorce.