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Importers can benefit from ECA finance solutions that allow them to buy significant capital goods and services, using stable and long-term financing. Working. through a loan agreement granted to the importer, secured by sovereign guarantors, among other: Export Credit Agency (ECA) from the exporter's country. Since Japan's postwar reconstruction and high-growth periods, the Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group has been responsible for providing financing.

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Export Credit Agencies (ECA's) are governmental or quasi-governmental financial institutions whose missions are to promote external trade. ECA's act between a. Where EXIM Bank is the lead Export Credit Agency, the co-financed amounts are expected, in the ordinary course, to be provided by (a) the U.S. exporter sourced. MUFG Bank provides Export Credit Agency (ECA) finance to support our customers' export and import transactions and their business development overseas.

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What do they do? ECAs can offer both 'tied' financing (i.e. financing linked to a supply of goods or services from the ECA's country) and 'untied'. An Export Credit Agency (ECA) is a government institution or a private company operating on behalf of a government. They finance the export of goods and. Whether you are a contractor or a government financing that next hospital, bridge or other form of infrastructure, we can help you access ECA support.