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Protect your investment by finding the best tenants. Our screening reports include credit, renting history, and background checks. Clear, Smart Tenant Screening Reports It's also vital to check the prospective tenant's criminal record. This report covers criminal records nationwide with. MyRental by CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions provides landlords with a variety of tenant screening reports including criminal background checks, address.

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We provide full online tenant screening services, including TransUnion credit reports, tenant background checks, and eviction history — everything you need. You should run a background check on all prospective renters. It is not expensive and you can pass along the price to the applicant. Generally, reports cost. The screening agency gets information about tenants and sells it to landlords. They check things like: If you have eviction cases against you; Your addresses.

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MyRental is an online tenant screening and background check service by CoreLogic, designed for independent rental owners, real estate agents, and property. Resident Screening: Tenant Background Check Tenant background checks help landlords and property management companies optimize occupancy rates by using. A rental background check is an additional screening tool that allows landlords to see various aspects of a tenant applicant's past behavior.