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He annually provides 's of workshops, seminars and technical support throughout the country on tax, retirement income and estate planning issues, concepts. Generally speaking, any money transferred from a registered pension plan into a locked-in account (locked-in retirement account (LIRA), life income fund. The money you seek to withdraw is currently in the pension fund of your current or unlocked funds to pay mortgage or rental arrears on your principal.

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Unlock your pension early · Are you are a Deferred / Former Member of an Occupational Work Scheme? · The ARF option allows the member to take a 25% Tax Free Lump. Unlocking Your Pension Early Several types of Pension can be accessed from the age of The Normal Retirement Age quoted on your contract may not be binding. If you wish to receive funds from these plans, you may be able to unlock some or all of the pension funds or choose one of the maturity options discussed below.

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The purpose of this bulletin is to provide an overview of the circumstances when pension funds in a pension plan or locked-in retirement account (“LIRA”) that. Drawing a pension · Retiring later or delaying taking your pension pot · Guaranteed retirement income (annuities) explained · Buying an annuity: annuity options. If you have a spouse, your spouse will need to complete Form 1, “Spouse's Waiver to Permit Benefits in a Pension Plan, Locked-in Retirement Account or Life.