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Bunny-hug definition (Canada, chiefly Saskatchewan and Alberta, idiomatic) A sweatshirt with a hood. (idiomatic) A style of early 20th-century dance. A fleece, pull-over style sweater with a large pocket on the front, and a drawstring hood. Is almost exclusive to Saskatchewan; outside the province is usually. Outside of Saskatchewan, most Canadians are not familiar with the term bunny hug (which can also be written as "bunny-hug" or "bunnyhug"), and generally refer.

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Happy Easter Day Bunny Hug Easter Eggs T-Shirt Long Sleeve Tee. Happy Easter Day Bunny Hug Easter Eggs T-Shirt Sweatshirt. Happy Easter Day Bunnyhug Definition Bunnyhug · U of S Official Crest Bunnyhug · Arched Winner Bunnyhug · U of S Huskies NuBlend Bunnyhug · Huskies Bunnyhug · College of Law Hoodie. "In Saskatchewan it's a Bunnyhug" Green/Grey. Regular price $50 Black & Grey SASK Zip-up Hoodie Saskatchewan "Easy to Draw, Hard to Spell" Bunny Hug.

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white hoodie white bunny hug white hoodie trust me i'm gorgeous bunny. want! brebeadnell and 10 more want to know where to get this sweater. The Hug Hoodie, part of our Loungewear Collection, is a comfy, casual, relaxed fit sweatshirt with raglan sleeves, optional hood, a cool overlap detail and. What the majority of the English-speaking world refers to as the hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, is known in Saskatchewan as the bunny hug.